We have an opportunity to start communities for the purpose of helping those with mental illness grow and prosper together.
We are at a turning point. The system is broken.
 I don’t think anyone can dispute that. 
Just look at how our homeless population is growing exponentially. The majority are mentally ill…
     We can either continue the status quo or we can come up with an idea that would actually work. An idea that will have initial costs but will become self sustaining. These communities will always need to be monitored and supported from a supervisory position, but they will become monetarily independent . A far cry from the billions being pored into inadequate services, not through the fault of those dedicated workers, but from the way the system has been created. As the system stands now, community resthab workers monitor their clients from their desk and in the field. They are required to visit each client periodically to make sure they are stable. Many times, because these clients are alone, the restab workers find unstable, anti social, psychotic individuals and they have few resources to help them. This particular  occupation sees a turnaround that would make your head spin. We have seen the most dedicated workers not stay long enough to really get to know their clients, let alone have successful outcomes for them.
We hear recommendations suggesting we bring back the asylums. Do we really want to relive history? President Kennedy signed a bill into law back in 1963, just for the purpose of bringing the mentally ill out of hiding and into the community. Our suggestion is to create their own community. To be part of a community setting to increase their well being and self esteem.
Research has shown, proper care in a home setting, access to the proper services, and surrounded by people to help advance their socialization skills has greatly improved the lives of those lucky enough to have just two of those services. Kathleen’s Harbor wants to put all the beneficial services in one community. We want to create many communities for this purpose.

                                          “A SINGLE SUNBEAM IS ENOUGH TO DRIVE AWAY MANY SHADOWS”

                                                                                                                                                   St. Francis of Assisi